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Composer Richard Einhorn says his piece, Voices of Light, can be performed without its inspiration, Carl Dreyer’s 1928 film, The Passion of Joan of Arc. The two will be united, however, tonight at Wolf Trap, where the film will be screened as the National Symphony Orchestra, University of Maryland Chorus, and Anonymous 4 perform Einhorn’s oratorio. Rooted in medieval music—and with text largely derived from medieval female mystics—Voices certainly fits the current vogue for the likes of Gorecki and Pärt. A few passages seem too lush for Dreyer’s elegantly minimal work, but the composition certainly suits the film better than some soundtracks previously devised for it. At 8:30 p.m. at Wolf Trap’s Filene Center, 1624 Trap Road, Vienna. $14-28. (703) 218-6500. (MJ)