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According to the press release, president of Hawaii-based (is Jack Lord still Hawaii-based or did he leave for the mainland when Magnum came rolling in?…Hawaiian shirts are the sole fashion form better suited to men of girth…I’d like to go to Hawaii, I think) action seminars (shouldn’t they be offering indolence seminars this time of year?) and “America’s Concen-tration (is that hyphen necessary? What ever happened to that game show? America should have more rebus-based entertainment) Coach (I wonder if Dick Van Dyke’s brother ever got his house rebuilt)” Sam Horn (is that a real name? perhaps monosyllabic names seem manly for the same reason that short Anglo-Saxon words are considered more vulgar than longer Latinate ones) will teach you how to tune out distractions (Michael Dirda said daydreaming was his only hobby) and dedicate your undivided (I once saw a couple of physics students playing a card game named “Go Fizh”) attention to your chosen (where does the stress fall in Chaim Potok’s last name?) task (“have you been tasked to do that?”…geez, management consultants) to perform (what is it about dancing bears?) your best (darn that dream, I’d like to take a nap). At 6:30 p.m. at the Learning Annex, 1634 I St. NW. $39. For reservations call (202) 639-2000. (Glenn (is Glen Campbell responsible for most people’s preference for the one-“n” version? You’re in trouble if people come to your shows for your “Wichita Lineman” cover…Freedy Johnston should give it up) (Glenn Dixon)