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“Towering Loss” (7/19)

and its response from YWCA President Helen Norton (The Mail, 8/2) document the same problem: a long-standing institution’s abandonment of its mission and its city home in favor of new services in the suburbs, fancy cars for administrators, and outside managers who seek to profit from the Y—not to serve it.

The YWCA has insulted and alienated its entire membership under Executive Director Josephine E. Pamphile, who has shown tenacious commitment to a heavy paycheck and the elimination of staff people who know what the Y’s mission really means.

It is no surprise to read Norton and Pamphile’s financial lament. The funders, like the members, have no doubt been alienated by the arrogance and ignorance of this sorry pair, and have taken their checkbooks elsewhere. Let’s hope Norton and Pamphile take their act elsewhere next.


Shaw/Logan Circle

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