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I’m writing in response to Julie Novy’s letter concerning the artwork of the 7/12 advertisement for “sadistic summer splash” at the Edge and the Crypt (The Mail, 8/2). As the artist who created the drawing for the ad, I must commend Novy for having quite an imagination. She and anyone else is definitely entitled to their own opinion of the drawing, which I encourage, but she and others should realize the drawing doesn’t support or show anything unsafe or nonconsensual. It has nothing to do with the exploitation or abuse of women.

I frequent these clubs because of the great admiration and respect people have for one another. People who practice D/S (dominance and submission) and these type of activities, promote it in a “safe, sane, and consensual” manner. Nothing is forced on anyone, and no one is made to do anything that they would consider unsafe. In closing, I feel the opinion of my drawing isn’t the entire issue here; it’s about typical stereotypes concerning the D/S community. There is one piece of advice I would like to share: the use of the word “abuse.” Please become more educated about what D/S is truly about. D/S is about giving, trust, respect, and most important of all, love. It is a true gift for those who wish to enjoy and explore it.