While the daiquiri-sweet lifestyle Jimmy Buffett sings about may take some to a tropical paradise, the mere mention of Margaritaville turns me into a bitter woman. Now, it’s not that I deny Buffett’s talent; how many middle-aged men can hop up on stage barefoot, drunk, and in a questionable shirt and still be America’s favorite summer-fun entertainer? Actually, it’s more of a personal thing: My ex-boyfriend, I’ll even go as far to say ex-fiancé, is now engaged to Buffett’s niece. Sometimes, while I’m crossing some piss-scented, pothole-littered D.C. street, the image of Mr. Ex and his bikini-clad woman lounging on Uncle Jimmy’s yacht, sipping cocktails out of coconuts sneaks into my head and makes me want to trip old ladies. So please, remember my pain when Jimmy forces you to sing along to all his hits. With Greenidge-Utley at 8 p.m. at Nissan Pavilion, 7800 Cellar Door Dr., Bristow. $26-35.50. (703) 754-6400. (Elisa Nader)