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Those “we’ll record your song” ads became a target of hipster fun in the ’80s; now Ween pays tribute with 12 Golden Country Greats. Dean and Gene visited the famed Bradley’s Barn complex late last year, hooking up with prime Music City session talent and producer Ben Vaughn for a surreal exercise that actually offers only 10 tunes. Hearing lines like “you ride my ass like a horse and a saddle” delivered with a nouveau-’billy straight face brings back memories of John Trubee’s mail-order classic, “A Blind Man’s Penis.” Unfortunately, not every song offers such a kick; some of these titles (“I’m Holding You,” “Pretty Girl”) avoid non sequitur both in concept and execution. But when the fellas tack a lengthy sample of vintage Muhammad Ali bluster onto the end of “Powder Blue” or viciously parody Gordon Lightfoot on “Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain,” Golden Country starts to feel like prime Ween. It’s not just Nashville-joshing either: The imagistic love song, “You Were the Fool,” is a might’-near perfect American Beauty approximation. And in something like a Ween tradition, the extremely bizarre “Fluffy” won’t commit to a stance that anyone other than the artistes themselves might pin down. This disc manages something most country acts never get near, scoring a parental-advisory seal, thus living up to the admonition of a Doug Stone hit: “They oughta put warnin’ labels on those ol’ country songs.”

—Rickey Wright