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The balanced presenta-

tion that Loose Lips gives to some of the problems in the D.C. Public Schools (8/16) is refreshing in light of the biased, unprofessional drumbeat of doom we read almost daily in the headlines and editorials of the Washington Post. The inefficiencies and bad decisions made by the school system’s administrators deserve widespread airing in the press, but Loose Lips at least points out that there is another point of view on some of the most serious issues, in contrast to the Post’s incessant, unqualified condemnation.

Why is the Post working so hard to drive D.C. Superintendent of Schools Franklin Smith out of office? The answer is simple. They have been trying for years to restore Vincent Reed, a Post vice-president, to his previously held position as superintendent. Now that Smith is having serious problems with fire-code violations and food service contracts, the Post finally smells blood and is coming in for the kill.

Friendship Heights