Those herky-jerky silent films were neither. Differences between early and modern cameras account for the Keystone Cops’ super-speedy chases. And from the beginning, filmmakers and audiences realized that hummable music was preferable to projector hum. So it is historically apt that pianist Mark Kotishion will provide accompaniment to a program of classic shorts. That they will be shown in 16mm under the Northern Virginia stars is a pleasant bonus. Included are Charlie Chaplin’s 1917 Easy Street, 1928’s spooky Habeas Corpus with Laurel and Hardy (pictured), Rudolph Valentino’s self-spoofing The Sheik’s Physique, 1923’s It’s a Gift, with neglected comedian Snub Pollard as a mad inventor, and various Felix the Cat cartoons. At 8:30 p.m. at Lubber Run Amphitheater, N. 2nd & N. Columbus Sts., Arlington. FREE. (703) 358-6960. (Dave Nuttycombe)