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I recently read “Living, for the Moment” (8/16), and it was an eye-opener. I return to Washington about once a year, this year twice. I love the Post and I really enjoyed your paper as well. If there is a more mismanaged and down-and-out city in the U.S.A. than Washington I would like to know about it. I love D.C., but when I am there I am angry that it is run by a group like Barry and company. The population is either indifferent or demoralized to the point that they do not care. When I am riding through this great city I see parts that are great, but others are less than Third World. The water, schools—the list goes on and on. I have never seen a group of people with so many ties to the underworld, irresponsible, and inadequate to do the most simple tasks of government. Please continue to report the news in your style.

Munich, Germany

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