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The new compilation CD from the label wing of Arlington’s Go! Compact Discs was released in conjunction with the store’s third annual Indie Rock Flea Market, hence the title Indie Rock Blueprint. But the term “indie rock” has come to signify incompetence more than independence, and while the majority of the bands on Blueprint aren’t untalented, they certainly sound like they tossed bones to satiate this dog. Which doesn’t make Blueprint unique, because rarely do any compilations contain enough good tracks to make them worthwhile. Popular names like the Godrays (ex-Small Factory), the Swirlies, and Throwing Muses give the CD a must-have aura, but these groups’ tracks sound like the demos and live versions they are. One standout, though, is Ida’s live version of “Tellings,” originally from its incredible album, I Know About You. The vocals of Liz Mitchell and Dan Littleton intertwine like lovers as the gentle arpeggios of their twin guitars ebb and flow under Mitchell’s moving tale of the end of an affair. Edsel’s Steve Raskin debuts his new electronic side-project, Lift Off, with the accomplished triphopper “Angel Headed Hipsters,” and Lida Husik drops the gentle acid-pop of “Ditty One.” Interspersed between the music tracks are distracting spoken-word cuts from Nicole Blackman and James David (Go!’s co-owner, Jimmy Cohrssen), which by themselves might be fine, but in this setting break what little continuity the music has. On their own, most of these bands are worth hearing, but this Blueprint should have been sent back to the drawing board. Available from Go!.

—Christopher Porter