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I would like to briefly comment on John Capozzi’s letter to the editor (The Mail, 8/2). Anyone who has followed Capozzi’s political travels over the past 10 years would know that his plan to transfer $200 million dollars from the Barney Circle Freeway project to city streets and bridges would know that this was the initial political platform that propelled Capozzi into District politics in the first place.

Although the idea may be applauded in some social circles, Capozzi’s agenda to quash the Barney Circle Freeway project is motivated out of self-interest and not altruism, as he would otherwise have us believe. Furthermore, although Capozzi signs his letter with a U Street address, anyone who lives on Capitol Hill and knows Capozzi’s political history knows he lives on Barney Circle.

I would like to believe that Capozzi is a diligent public servant dedicated to serving the interests of his citywide constituents; however, letters such as this suggest him to be the self-serving politician I’ve always believed him to be.

Capitol Hill