Loose Lips (8/30) provides

a valuable service to the city’s voters by warning us away from Joe Yeldell, currently running for an at-large D.C. Council seat. Yeldell’s record of silence during four decades of corrupt and ineffective city government, plus his own bribery conviction (though later overturned on appeal), show that his election would give the city more of the same for another four years.

Our city needs more than just another fresh face on the council; we need a candidate for good government. Only one at-large council candidate, John Capozzi, has refused to accept contributions over $100—a limit approved by the voters then overturned by the current council. Unlike some current councilmembers, Capozzi will make the council his full-time job, and he’ll hold oversight hearings to make department heads fully accountable for waste and fraud in their agencies.

On Sept. 10, D.C. voters should look not only for a new face on council; we should demand an at-large councilmember whose record shows commitment to cleaning up city government. That candidate is John Capozzi.

Kalorama Heights