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Dave McKenna’s assess-

ment of the Redskins after their season-opening loss to the Philadelphia Eagles (Cheap Seats, 9/6) is one of the most poorly written pieces of journalism I have ever read. How can you determine how a football team’s season will be after just one game? The Cowboys were thrashed by Chicago 22-6 on Monday night; does that mean Dallas “will be home for Christmas”?!! I think not. The Redskins beat Chicago, so I guess now McKenna will call them the team of the ’90s.

Also, what’s with ripping Gus Frerotte and Michael Westbrook, a tandem that will likely invoke memories of Joe Theismann and Art Monk? Gus and Michael have had growing pains, but so have other young quarterbacks and receivers throughout the league, with very few exceptions.

In addition, I don’t see the point of bringing up Norv Turner’s record and comparing it with Joe Gibbs’. While Gibbs made the Redskins one of the most esteemed franchises during his tenure, it is unrealistic to expect most coaches to duplicate the same success. How many coaches make it to the Hall of Fame? Not many. That’s not to say that the fans don’t deserve a winning football team, but since the Redskins are one of only four teams out of a total of 30 to appear in five Super Bowls and one out of only five to win at least three, we fans and the Washington media shouldn’t be complaining. The Redskins have had more than their share of the NFL spotlight.

During the course of the regular season, an up-and-coming team such as the Redskins will have moments of ineptitude; nonetheless it doesn’t warrant hollow columns like the one McKenna wrote.

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