Scott Barancik’s invective piece on District Cablevision (DCV)’s sky-high rate hikes was ridiculous (“He Doesn’t Want His MTV,” 9/13). Sure, DCV’s prices suck, but guess what? So does cable. Why do you think the term “channel surfing” was invented? There isn’t anything on the tube these days that would warrant using up more than a half-hour of one’s time, or a few hours of one’s salary.

Barancik seems to think that cheap cable is a right and that DCV is being a cruel and heartless capitalist monolith. Quick! Call the U.N.! Call Congress! Call Oprah! Better yet, call DCV and get rid of your subscription if you can’t, or don’t want to, afford it. I recommend that he take his final suggestion to heart: Yank out the coaxial, chuck the converter out the window, and start reading anything, but especially Atlas Shrugged. He might learn something.

Dupont Circle