After reading Dave McKenna’s article (Cheap Seats, 9/13), I have to say that it’s Dave and Rosemary Foreman who are making sure that America is “still a place where anybody who isn’t a cheerleader wants to make fun of those who are.”

Foreman may gripe about how mean the media is toward professional football cheerleaders (and I don’t even have to mention what the feminists and women’s groups say), but the man needs to check himself before he bitches.

The strict rules, the house-mother-says-no-boys demand on dating and socializing, the if-you-have-your-own-opinion-on-Barry-you’re-outta-here interview process, the smile practice, and the fact that not once in the entire article did either Foreman or his wife refer to his Redskinettes as “women” shows us who’s really not treating the “girls” as professionals.

He whose field is clean, cast the first pom-pom.

Annapolis, Md.

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