I adore Phoebe Snow. People may laugh or feign ignorance, but when you listen to old, bluesy folk ballads like “Poetry Man” and “Either or Both,” or more recent songs like “Something Real,” it stirs something in the soul. I put Phoebe’s version of “Let the Good Times Roll” on my answering machine and received rave reviews—not that anyone guessed her identity correctly. It only strengthens my belief that Snow’s music paved the way for the recent wave of female rockers (Alanis, Jewel, Fiona), she just never got her props. I’m hoping my theory will be proved when she takes the stage this weekend for the “RightsRock!” concert, a benefit for the National Fair Housing Alliance. Oh yeah, performers like brothers-in-funk War, folk-activist Richie Havens, salsera La India, and reggae queen Sister Carol will also be there. The festival-style lineup means it’s gonna be a long evening, but it’s for a good cause—besides, Phoebe will be there. At 6:30 p.m. at DAR Constitution Hall, 18th & D Sts. NW. $22.50–32.50. (202) 628-4780. (Holly Bass)