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Despite the fact that Love 666’s Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock packs a wallop big enough to knock Satan right back into heaven, keyboardist/singer Dave Unger doesn’t like it. “I didn’t like our first record either, American Revolution. Neither of them I think are that good. We, and I, can do better records.” The album is equal parts MC5 and early Jesus and Mary Chain, and “Ball & Chain” even cops much of the Temptations’ “Ball of Confusion,” but Kill Yourself is not the record Unger wanted to make.

“We made a record in Nashville in January. That record didn’t get put out. It’s really experimental. Everyone is playing fragments of different songs, all at the same time. [Our label, Amphetamine Reptile] said if they put it out it would end our career. So we made another record,” Unger sighs. “The Nashville album is better. Most people would hate it, and they couldn’t even listen to it.”

Love 666 formed after its members (including guitarist Bill Longhorse and drummer Angel) tired of being traditional professional musicians. “We all played [in different] Top 40, jazz, blues bands at weddings and shit like that.” The trio’s initial alliance came via a band called the Baltek, and then Love 666 coalesced three years ago.

“When we first started out, we played at the Hard Rock Cafe talent show. We used to have this guitar player named Gary, and he was really, really drunk. And all of our amps blew up on the first song. So it was really cool,” Unger recalls. “Then we played the Grog and Tankard. They really loved us there.” But two albums later, Love 666

“still can’t get a gig in D.C. We always play in Baltimore

at Memory Lane. We want to play D.C. but we just can’t get a gig.”

Its lack of local gigs forced the group to go on tour—for a long time. “We really were living out of the van. It’s not just [record company] hype,” Unger laughs. “Well, it’s partly hype, but it’s true. Actually, it wasn’t that bad of a life for what it was, because we had these memberships to health clubs, so we’d take a shower at these health clubs. After the gig, we’d drive to the parking lot of the health club and sleep there, wake up, and take a shower.”

So is Love 666 the most physically fit band ever?

“You’d think so, but not really. What we call workouts are our showers and our attempts to stay alive.”

—Christopher Porter