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While long admiring Jonetta Rose Barras’ invaluable reporting on the government and people of the District of Columbia, her story on Rep. Walsh’s aide John Simmons (“Altered Ego,” 9/13) contained quotes attributed to me that were incorrect. Allow me to clarify and correct the record.

First, I never said there was “distrust” between Simmons and myself. The only distrust I spoke of with Barras was that between the rest of the gay community and the Republican Congress—there was never any distrust between us fellow Republicans.

Secondly, regarding my work with Simmons on the District’s dismal performance in paying AIDS service providers, Barras gets it wrong again. While I did bring in representatives of local AIDS organizations to the Hill, Simmons did not attend that meeting. Instead, we met with a staff member from the D.C. Appropriations subcommittee. The federal takeover of payments that occurred the next day, which Barras speaks of, was purely coincidental and had nothing to do with our meeting.

Finally, Barras writes that I never met with Rep. Walsh. That, too, is untrue.

Log Cabin will forever be grateful to the work of Rep. Walsh and his staff, including John Simmons. They are to be applauded for providing proper oversight of the District’s affairs—something our own elected officials have obviously failed to do.


Capital Area Log Cabin

Adams Morgan

via the Internet