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D.C. Office of Emergency Preparedness acquires special heat wave–detection technology, spurning cheaper, more reliable option: the Weather Channel. -2

Washington Post punches in just long enough on election coverage to headline a story “D.C. Council Is Seen as Part of Problem.” -1

Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans: “Marion Barry is one of the best politicians I’ve ever met, and he has nine lives.” D.C. residents brace for five more terms. -2

D.C. schoolchildren to get textbooks one month late, thanks to a botched order. Paychecks, however, continue to arrive right on schedule. -8

In a shining example of the fresh leadership D.C. craves, Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Westy Byrd circulates fliers discouraging Georgetown University students from registering to vote in the District. -10

T.G.I. Friday’s to open in Friendship Heights, addressing critical shortage of mediocre chicken sandwiches in Northwest D.C. -2

Dulles Airport completes additions as part of $1-billion redo; cattle buses not affected. -1

D.C. congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton petitions for restoration of her vote in the House. Meanwhile, six of seven D.C. voters sit out September primaries. -2

Subtotal: -28

Shots in the Arm:

Judge announces conclusion of Haft family litigation. Hair-spray vendors at D.C. Superior Court pack their bags. +4

Post runs Metro story on parking problems at Pentagon Centre, renewing interest in District retail. Shopping consultant says to avoid suburban mayhem, “We have to think smarter about when we want to shop for the same things.”+2

Coldwell Banker estimates real estate value of White House at $63.9 million. Bullets’ star Juwan Howard contemplates purchase offer.+2

Cresting Potomac spares painstaking rehab efforts of volunteers working on towpath. +3

Washington Business Journal reports record-low rate of personal bankruptcies in D.C. It also reports why: District residents have no assets to lose. +5

District finds over $80 million in savings from its Medicaid program, enough to fund D.C. councilmembers’ salaries for a couple of years. +9

Pepco busts Dupont Down Under developer Geary Simon for stealing electricity; city finally pulls the plug on the doomed development. +5

Skins win three in a row, sparing local fans another season of Norv Turner’s shoulda-coulda-wouldas. +6

Subtotal: +36