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I find myself either

enjoying Eddie Dean’s articles (“Lost Highway,” 9/27), or being confused by his self-righteous babble—like when he went on some bizarre dissertation on why the tune “Rocky Top” is offensive and repugnant to us Southerners (despite the fact that it upsets neither me nor the citizens of Tennessee, where it is one or their official state songs).

And while I share Mr. Dean’s remorse over the loss of the Dixie Pig on Route 1 (the D.P. north of Old Town still stands, though seems rarely open), I feel compelled to remind him (especially since it appears that he has always taken the stance as a defender of the South—a position that I applaud) that Richmond was not burned down by Union troops, but by the people of Richmond themselves before surrendering it to the invaders from the North.

By the way, Mr. Dean, the best North Carolina barbeque I’ve had north of the state line is Pierce’s in Lightfoot, Va., just this side of Cold Harbor.

Falls Church, Va.

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