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It’s way past time for the government to admit that its continued supply-side focus has failed in the War on Drugs. If you’ve seen a Dole commercial, you know that drug use is up among America’s youth. Dole’s “Just Don’t Do It!” malarkey sure ain’t likely to cause many bongs to be reshelved or syringes to be put back in their wrappers, neither. Nothing’s working! But here’s a suggestion for how to turn the tide: Make Joe Waldholtz the poster child for temperance! Last week, the feds announced rather quietly that the portly political househusband was spending whatever money he swindled from various trust funds on—egads!—heroin. Why not get that news out to every schoolyard? Hendrix, Belushi, Cobain…AND JOE WALDHOLTZ! What self-respecting Cool Kid could touch Mexican mud after he found out that Pennsylvania Joe was also into smack? It’s time to ditch “Just Don’t Do It” and “Just Say No!” If the federales are really serious about cracking down on drug use, take away the allure: Just Say Joe! —Dave McKenna