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It’s more than I can

stomach when I read the trash that has been written, not only about my place, but the entire Route 1 corridor (“Lost Highway,” 9/27). I would think there are a lot of issues that better deserve this type of attention, especially coming from a D.C. paper. The language used in this article should never be used for public print. What does this say for your paper or the credibility of your writer?

To say this article infuriates me is an understatement. This Eddie Dean (writer) was in my bar one morning asking questions about the various bars from years ago, and said he was writing an article on the “History of Bars on Richmond Highway.” Obviously this was not the case when this garbage went to print. More to the point, a lot of hard work has gone into making Jim’s Country Club a decent place, where you can go and enjoy yourself, and with one swipe of the pen it all gets flushed away by someone who doesn’t even patronize the place. This bar is a local neighborhood bar where you can still get a good breakfast, enjoy a burger and a beer while watching a ball game, or go on weekends to hear live bands and have some “Good Ole Honky Tonk Fun.” Most of my regular customers are outraged by this slanderous article. And I agree that something needs to be said in rebuttal.

Contrary to this writer’s opinion, everybody is not broke or barely hanging on here on Richmond Highway, nor is the highway in need of “life support.” For someone who claims to be a “die-hard fan of Richmond Highway,” the manner in which Dean speaks of it leaves little doubt we would all be better off without him and his opinions. And as for the “human pain and suffering” Dean speaks of, it seems to say more about the people he associates himself with, not the highway itself.

This form of slander has no positive value and need not be accepted or tolerated. In the future I suggest Mr. Dean might use I-95 for his commute and not Richmond Highway, where I’m sure he and his kind will not be missed.

Owner, Jim’s Country Club

Springfield, Va.