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I don’t have to be female,

or feminist for that matter, to be offended by Dave Nuttycombe’s review of The First Wives Club (Film Clips, 10/18). First of all, he says virtually nothing about the movie. Rather, Nuttycombe speaks disparagingly of each of the three stars, and for no apparent reason. His clever little statement seems to be his chance to dump on the romantic choices of Hawn and Keaton, and on Midler’s face in the morning. As if any of this relates to the film. No, they haven’t been through in real life what their characters experience in the movie. So what? This is why they act.

To top it off, Nuttycombe asks the reader whether he wouldn’t be tempted to dump his aging wife, or at least cheat on her, if someone named “Brandi” came along. Is this his own admission about himself, or just his insightful commentary on the rest of us? Either way, it’s bizarre for a movie review, certainly tasteless, and very obnoxious.

Dupont Circle