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I enjoyed Eddie Dean’s recent article on the Richmond Highway (“Lost Highway,” 9/27), and I too mourn the loss of the Dixie Pig. My interest is perhaps a little different from yours, however.

I recently completed a master’s degree in geography at the University of Maryland, and had occasion to travel Route 1 and visit the Dixie Pig. I returned this June to get a picture of the sign and was quite surprised to see it gone. I am writing to you about the sign, as well as your general interest in BBQ signs. I teach a geography course at Ohio State University, where I am currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program. I am trying to introduce roadside architecture into a course on North America.

Do you have a picture of the Dixie Pig sign installed in front of the restaurant? Do you have a collection of photos of other BBQ signs? I hope you can help me out. I am very interested in showing signs like the Dixie Pig to my class to help them appreciate the unique landscape that is the American roadside.

Columbus, Ohio

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