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You could embarrass yourself by trying to fit into a Power Rangers outfit and joining the throng of similarly deluded lemmings crowding Georgetown this Halloween. Or you could retain some sense of dignity, remain in the comfort of your home, and watch others humiliate themselves—on television! Specifically, you could tune in Falls Church Cable Channel 38 and watch “The Spooky Movie Marathon,” seven glorious horror classics screened back to back. (Stop that whining—surely you know someone who lives in Virginia and gets cable. Good times require some effort, you know. Bad times, too.) Though MST3K has been picked up by the SciFi Channel, most of the cast has left, so this locally produced series is our best shot at ironically deconstructed cinematic kitsch. The marathon is hosted by Dr. Bombay (Mark Blackmon), who will provide previews of the second season; each movie is hosted by “Dr. Sarcofi-Guy” (John Dimes, pictured), who will provide the films the respect they deserve. From 6 p.m. through dawn, the program includes Night of the Living Dead, World Without End, The Screaming Skull, Nosferatu, Bucket of Blood, The Last Man on Earth, and Teenagers From Outer Space. From 6 p.m.-4 a.m. on Falls Church Cable Channel 38. FREE. (703) 534-3838. (Dave Nuttycombe)