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Regarding your article on the Washington “bitch hunt” (“Bitch Hunt,” 10/25): That clattering sound you hear is the computer keyboards of women all over this city. Here’s my contribution:

I’ll agree that low self-esteem does cause some women to become bitches. But when you look at the possible reasons for this, the following male behaviors spring to mind:

1.) The guy who just has to have your phone number and never calls. 2.) The guy who calls and makes a date, then stands you up. 3.) The guy who dates you long enough to sleep with you, then starts talking about his “emotional tie” to a woman with whom he is “kind of broken up.” 4.) The guy who accepts your invitation to a concert, calls the day of the show saying that he didn’t realize that he was in a relationship, but someone he had been “seeing” got really mad when she found out about the date. He never even repaid the cost of his ticket.

In other words, many men in this city have decided that single women aren’t deserving of common courtesy. However, dissing someone who tries to talk to you in a bar, is not the way to find the one man in 10 who is honest and well-mannered. I know—because I married one.

Alexandria, Va.

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