I continue to puzzle

over Catherine Alter’s ill-tempered screed, “Bitch Hunt” (10/25).

Somewhere in the hash of rambling anecdotes from Ms. Alter’s socially maladroit friends and her awkwardly sketched scenes from some of Washington’s less interesting night spots I feel certain is a Credo for Women (Non-Bitch) in the ’90s.

Is it: Dress unattractively and wear no makeup unless willing to comply with any and all male demands for attention in public places followed promptly by sexual servicing in (one hopes) less public places?

Or is it: Do not assume that because you are having a beer with teammates after a game that you are free from your womanly obligation to graciously entertain advances from men unknown to you?

Or is it: If a man you encounter asks for your phone number, give it cheerfully and accurately? Not only is that your duty, but it’s also a safety precaution police officials recommend. Remember, it is impossible for a man who wishes to speak with you again to give you his phone number instead.

Or is it: Never forget that the women’s movement has failed you by allowing Penthouse & Co. to continue to convince impressionable men that they are entitled to have responsive, live sex toys at their beck and call?

Perhaps the article even contains a more carefully disguised Credo for Men (Non-Cretin) in the ’90s:

If you’re a nice man who’d like to meet a nice woman who’s interested in more than your fiscal prowess, why not try some place other than a bar?

Chevy Chase, Md.

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