Catherine Alter is full of shit (“Bitch Hunt,” 10/25). A newbie to the District has no right calling me a bitch. But that’s not even the point. Damned if I’m going to be nice to some drunk bastard hitting on me a half-hour before last call. And I’m not going to make myself ugly when I go to Adams Morgan with my girlfriends to deter any more drunk bastards from hitting on me, either. I look how I look and dress how I dress because I have pride in myself, not because I want to get laid. The guys she talked to are the obviously stupidest men in the District. If they keep going to these terrible pickup joints, they’re only going to meet these Barbie-esque women who will give them a hard time. And I know for sure that I’d never be nasty to a Henry Rollins look-alike as long as he had a brain on his shoulders. There’s plenty of single women in D.C. who are the furthest thing from bitches. Maybe it’s Catherine we don’t like.

Mount Pleasant