I really enjoyed “Bitch Hunt” (10/25). Sadly, it reeked of veracity. Now, how about an article on the cheesy dirtbags that hang around bars like Samantha’s, Mr. Day’s, and LuLu’s, endeavoring to get laid while pestering nice chicks like myself, who are just trying to get drunk?

Honestly, though, if you’re a guy and you want a fail-safe means of scoring, the best thing to do is go to events like the Rally in the Alley or a pub crawl, wait until two hours before the end, and cast a net. All of those bitchy women will be puke-smelling putty in your hands. They’ll be so drunk they won’t be able to fire back with a snappy retort to your come-on—in fact, they probably won’t be able to articulate speech. It works for all my male friends—in fact, it’s how I’ve come to date most of my boyfriends!

Foggy Bottom