Dave McKenna’s article “Be True to Your School” (Cheap Seats, 10/25), regarding Damone Boone’s plight during his first year at the University of Maryland, did not quite set the record straight. Any college student would be the first to admit that there is a tremendous difference between high school and college. The transition can be traumatic and very difficult. The emotional, social, intellectual, and psychological adjustments most college freshmen must make are numerous. When combined with the pressure of playing major college football, especially at the Division I-A level, an individual’s chances are greatly diminished for acclimating to campus life.

Red-shirting Boone will prove beneficial in the long run to both parties. Boone is a gifted running back. This opportunity gives him the ability to hone his skills and gain some much-needed experience. Besides, why waste a year of Boone’s eligibility when the team already has an outstanding tailback in senior Buddy Rogers?

In every field, people must pay their dues and be patient. Like anything in life, good things come to those who wait. Next season, Boone will begin an illustrious gridiron career in College Park. However, for the moment he must learn, he must practice, he must mature. Being a Maryland fan, I’m excited with the future of the football program. Boone is a real blue-chip player. He can and will make a difference for the Terra-pins…next year!

Arlington, Va.

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