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When I was in junior high, every lunch period all the fly B-boys—dressed in the freshest parachute pants and shell-toed Adidases—would pull out a piece of cardboard and battle to see who had the dopest moves. Poppin’, lockin’, doing backspins, headspins, and windmills. The less rhythmated could be found with fat markers leaving tags all over town. And everybody thought they could DJ or rap. “Aeroglyphx in the Alley,” D.C.’s first all-day hiphop festival, brings back the old-school flavor with graffiti artists, DJs, poets, capoeiristas, break dancers, and rappers such as Priest, 3LG, and the Freestyle Union. The event organizers are keeping it real and keeping it right—proceeds will be used to support programs at Calvary Multicultural Learning Center’s Junior High program. From noon-11:30 p.m. at State of the Union, 1357 U St. NW. $5. (202) 588-8810. (Holly Bass)