You can imagine my

surprise to find out that I was quoted by your paper in a recent story (“You Bet Your Life,” 10/18) when I was not even contacted by your staff. Even though it turns out you took my remarks from another story (pretty lazy journalism), I feel I need to respond.

Paul Belden was a little harsh on the viatical industry, don’t you think? Words like “vampirism” and “peddlers of death” were used by the reporter, but he didn’t produce any actual viators with complaints. The truth is, viatical settlements offer thousands of terminally ill people a financial solution in very difficult times. It keeps them from having to go on welfare or borrow money from family members. It enables them to live out their remaining days with dignity. What is wrong with that?

Since you did not produce a single viator with complaints or an investor with complaints, why was the story so negative? Did the writer have preconceived notions about the story before researching? Once again, the story reeks of yellow journalism.

Life Partners Inc.

Ed. note: The story did not directly quote Pardo and made it clear his views had been published elsewhere.