I’ve given up on local media outlets, including so-called “alternative” sources like Washington City Paper. You endorsed Harold Brazil and Carol Schwartz (Loose Lips, 11/1)? Harold Brazil is “well-reasoned”? What planet are your editors from and how much did they get paid for printing this drivel?

The same paper that viciously attacks Hilda Mason, who has the best voting record on the council, and that sings the praises of a bloated, mediocre, wannabe mayor, cannot possibly claim to speak for District residents. I have also grown weary of the City Paper’s sophomoric disdain for all local politics, including groups and individuals who are trying to make this city a better, more humane place in which to live.

Of course, the City Paper is free, so I can’t cancel my subscription, but I can certainly take my advertising dollars elsewhere. I might also suggest that Washingtonians use the paper for a truly suitable purpose—toilet paper.

Logan Circle

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