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I take great exception

to your title article “Bitch Hunt” (10/25). Your self-congratulatory small town-emigree author has obviously not lived here long enough to know the boys she’s dealing with. The guys she talked to seem to think it’s acceptable to approach a woman with “I haven’t been laid since….” They make it clear within minutes that our only function is to service them. One “man” actually took the time to explain to me that while sex means something to a woman, to males sex is a need, like pissing on a tree. Gee, I really want to be the next tree he pisses on.

I have three male roommates. I have seen one do his “girl of the month” rotation, never considering that sex is not how you get to know someone, always finding the new one before he dumps the first. Another roommate doesn’t return calls for more than four days—even of a woman he really likes. Then there are the men who think it’s perfectly fine to live with one woman and have one or two “on the side,” the ones who say they’re sleeping with someone but “it doesn’t mean anything,” and the married men who insist we should date them because they’re separated or their wives don’t care, and “a married guy might always leave his wife for you.”

Attractive, open, and basically positive, I have dated white, Asian, Latin, and black men. I find myself feeling that I can not trust any male. I don’t enjoy feeling that way—they created this distrust. Until men insist their brothers shape up, the best of us will have to defend ourselves from the disrespect that even the “good guys” approach us with.

American University Park