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Hey. I assume that this letter will be one of millions in regards to the cover article “Bitch Hunt” (10/25). As much as I enjoyed reading the article, I did get a megadose of holier-than-thou attitude from the author. The writing started tight but quickly deteriorated into a narcissistic lovefest for Ms. Alter. Quoting men as saying that she was “different from other women” because “you’re talking to me” is as much a line as any I’ve ever heard.

What about the hundreds of other women in the District who don’t spend their free time in smoke-filled bars eyeing their prey? Those of us who don’t sport the “Rachel” and to whom “pancake” means breakfast food? Like the guy Ms. Alter took pity on and fixed up with the “nice girl,” maybe the problem still lies with the guys out there who are so obsessed with false beauty they all too often overlook the real thing and then blame women for it.

Chevy Chase

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