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Catherine Alter pro-

vided an amusing and pungent view of the sad state of affairs for Washington singles (“Bitch Hunt,” 10/25). While I do not frequent bars to meet women, my own experiences with other venues, fix-ups, and personal ads have featured some similarities to those of the guys “in the trenches.” Aside from intentional venom, there is just plain rudeness; even if she does not want to go out, is it too much to ask for a return phone message?

I am actively looking for a future partner and I have no interest in playing games with women who would not appreciate a quality guy if he were

the last guy inside the Beltway. I’ve been warned that Washington is a tough town for the lovelorn, yet I still hope that some thoughtful, genuine, smart women are keeping their eyes (and minds) open.

Silver Spring, Md.

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