Justin Broadrick isn’t a happy guy. But the Godflesh/Final/Techno Animal/Sidewinder/solo artist sure finds time to voice his pain in a variety of musical settings. Songs of Love and Hate (Godflesh isn’t one for subtlety) continues guitarist/screamer Broadrick’s collaboration with bassist G.C. Green in a series of endless metallic pummelings. The heavy hiphop drums that inform Techno Animal are used in addition to Godflesh’s more typical smash-face beats, and a hint of melody peaks through Broadrick’s malaise-ridden riffs on “Frail.” Still, songs like “Sterile Prophet,” “Circle of Shit,” and “Time, Death, and Wastefulness” fit nicely into Godflesh’s canon of musical blasphemy. At 11 p.m. at the Capitol Ballroom, 1015 Half St. SE. $10. (202) 544-1500. (Christopher Porter)