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After nearly three years of moving, renovating, and moving again, Go! Compact Discs will be settling into the basement of the Black Cat at the beginning of December. The space, now used for practicing and as a dressing room, will be remodeled to provide the Arlington-based record store an area similar in size to its present Wilson Boulevard location. The store will be accessible from the street, as well as from the club, to allow it to keep separate hours.

Sound like Phantasmagoria’s recent move into the old Tornado Alley site? “I think we’ll be a little different,” says Jimmy Cohrssen, Go!’s owner. “Phantasmagoria has sort of followed a typical pattern of setting up in stores so they can make some extra money. We’re taking two established destinations of sorts, two things that have had a big influence on this town. I think combining them will be exciting.” Little except the address will change, though Cohrssen says the hours will be more bar-oriented (Monday-Thursday, 8 p.m. to midnight; Friday-Sunday noon-midnight); and according to the Black Cat’s Dante Ferrando, it’s only a bonus to the thriving U Street corridor. “I think having another record store downtown is fantastic. It’s a good time to consolidate things and make them more convenient.” Plus, it’ll be great for the clientele. “If you don’t like the middle band and you’re sitting at the bar having a drink and you get bored, you can go downstairs and thumb through records,” he says.

Concerts won’t be limited to just the evening hours. Cohrssen says that Go!’s popular in-store appearances will continue, and that he’ll be able to move some of them upstairs to the back stage to accommodate larger crowds. Bands that depend on selling their wares at shows will still be able to hawk CDs, 7-inches, and T-shirts during their sets. The move will only eliminate what Cohrssen calls “the Brooklyn problem—everyone in Manhattan never goes into Brooklyn, even though there’s some fine eatin’ there.”—Tina Plottel