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I read with interest

Jonetta Rose Barras’ recent article on Valencia Mohammed (“Radical Mediocrity,” 11/1); while the article accurately portrayed Mohammed as just another piece of self-centered flotsam from the cesspool of D.C. politics, Barras apparently is unable to form one of the most obvious conclusions of her own research.

And that is this: Mohammed is simply a cultural terrorist with a bankrupt philosophy and a tired, worn-out methodology, whose only hope of establishing any sort of legitimacy is to use the race card as the reason for everything that is wrong in the District of Columbia and the sole, singular reason for her failures.

Have we lowered the bar on credibility and competency so much that all one needs to be on the school board is to be able to recognize and manually negotiate a lunch box? Since she has no portfolio of any sort, and no experience in a successful management environment of any kind, how did she get here?

Can you imagine Mohammed in a working environment? What position would she be given in, say, Federal Express? Or Hechingers? Or ValuJet? Or AT&T? My guess is that she wouldn’t make it through the first interview. She is unskilled, has been proved to be ineffective, ineffectual, incompatible, and inept.

The unfortunate thing is she is not alone in the management ranks of the District government, where competency and performance skills are not required. Is it any wonder people are leaving this city in droves?