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As a native Washingtonian, I feel compelled to respond to Catherine Alter’s article (“Bitch Hunt,” 10/25). To say that the women she unearthed at Mr. Day’s, Rumors, and the Big Hunt are indicative of us all is like saying that the women in her hometown lie down on their backs when approached by men.

Admittedly, the women in her experiment were certainly bitchy.

But the Washington bar scene is like that. She has painted a biased picture by only including women. However, Tim’s “college approach” could use some refinement in any arena. I would be loathe to approach a table of three women and plop myself down in their midst expecting immediate kinship—what was he thinking?

What men like Tim should do is get off their barstools and volunteer, join a hiking club, hit the bike path, make sandwiches at Martha’s table, help the AIDSRide. Then come back and tell me what kind of women, and men, you met in my hometown.

Kensington, Md.

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