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Apparently single wo-

men have 3 tragic flaws (“Bitch Hunt,” 10/25):

They’re single;

They’re women;

They’re bitches.

(It seems Washington City Paper editors see no difference between Nos. 2 and 3.)

In a society where couplehood and marriage are praised and rewarded, and where men are paid more than women for equal work, an appropriate label for single women could be “hard-working” or “courageous.” According to “Bitch Hunt,” this segment of D.C.’s population should also be labeled “bitches”—and responsible for single men’s loneliness and feelings of rejection.

In a condescending tone, the nonsingle author attempted to uncover the nature and origins of D.C. women’s treatment of men they meet in bars, while there was only one example (and it was parenthetical) of a man treating a woman badly. He came on to her, said he’d call, then didn’t—hardly the worst offense a man has committed against a woman, yet the only one cited.

The real issue is that men and women often find it frustrating and difficult to meet new people. Wouldn’t a balanced article that doesn’t generalize half the city as “bitches” have treated this issue more effectively?

Dupont Circle