Although Tina Plottel’s points in response to “Bitch Hunt” (10/25) have merit (The Mail, 11/1), her letter should not have been included in the Mail section. The Mail is the only page in Washington City Paper where the readers can respond to your publication. As a published writer who is named in the masthead on Page 3, Plottel and the others working for City Paper should not be published in The Mail—especially without acknowledgement of their employment.

OK…so maybe she’s writing this as a D.C. girl who’s got a battle ax to grind because some newbie called her the b-word. If her response got the editorial thumbs-up, you had well over 100 other pages on which you could publish it. If her response did not make the editorial cut, some thoughtful soul on staff should have published her response as a Matches ad under “Women With Pride in Themselves Not Seeking Drunk Bastards But Brain-Enabled Henry Rollins Look-Alikes” to help Plottel find a rock star who doesn’t hate her.

Mount Pleasant

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