Already considered the rockingest band in Electroland, the Chemical Brothers are prepared to make the leap from dance clubs to football stadiums with the addition of Oasis’ Noel Gallagher on vocals for its latest single, “Setting Sun.” But in addition to crossover potential, Gallagher unfortunately brings his arena-rock lyrics: They’re dumber than his little brother Liam. But the Chemicals still bring the noise with drum samples that wallop and gallop over a landscape of squealing riffs and chaotic scrapings. Join the soul Brothers No. 1 and their dance-hall legions for a night of breakbeat, jungle, drum ‘n’ bass, techno, triphop, down tempo, and the debut of a fresh genre called Skibbity Skobbity Old Skool Kool (It’s so new I haven’t even heard of it) at 10 p.m. at the Capitol Ballroom, 1015 Half St. SE. $25. (202) 544-1500. (CP)