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The subtitle for the fanzine Black Hole Lipstick, “Solipsism as a way of making friends,” is the most honest, accurate, and witty description of fanzine culture I’ve seen. Publisher Mario Alipio admits, despite his shyness, that he’s “addicted to having an audience.” And doing a fanzine is a good way for an introvert to meet a sensitive babe. But “any chick that would want to fuck me from reading [the fanzine] would be pretty funny,” laughs Alipio.

The 23-year-old’s writing is intelligent, crass, intuitive, and clever, and he has enough footnotes to rival David Foster Wallace. Alipio’s attitude and style is best encapsulated in his piece “What is a Black Hole? An explanation of our title,” which lists examples like “A black hole is when you disagree w/yrself before anybody else gets th chance to do so, and you keep doing this until you’re fucking invincible” and “A black hole sucks all matter, and finally even light, into itself. Sucking is sexy.”

Among Black Hole’s many highlights is a cartoon by contributor Brian H., Abe Lincoln: Doing Damage, featuring a carjacking 16th president. A top-hatted Abe is walking around the city and says, “Whoa! There’s a fly car that could move my presidential ass along at faster than four-score m.p.h.!” Then he “four-score[s] it” with a crowbar. There are also extensive, rambling interviews with Long Fin Killie and Six Finger Satellite, and a focus on Alipio’s year spent in the Philippines. (“[My time in the Philippines] is the major fact of my life right now, and if you don’t like it then put this down, get out of my face, and go watch a Jean-Luc Godard film,” Alipio writes in his intro.)

To find out why “Lipstick” was added to “Black Hole,” send $3 for the “Justify Yr Existence” issue of Black Hole Lipstick to P.O. Box 422, Great Falls, VA 22066-0422.

—Christopher Porter