I enjoy Eddie Dean’s writing…and was interested in learning more about Robert Aubry Davis (although perhaps not that many pages about him) (“Around Town With Mr. Know-It-All,” 11/15). However, in doing a music review of the Folger Consort, Dean was just as elitist as he paints the audience as being.

A crowd of “rich politicos” hearing a group that “at times…rises to the level of a competent bluegrass band”? To call supporters of the Folger Consort political bigwigs is as silly as saying that only rednecks go to bluegrass concerts. Both kinds of music attract a wide range of followers. And they also are similar in that with both styles you either get it or you don’t. I don’t get bluegrass…but I do recognize the skill of the pickers and fiddlers when I cruise past some of their music on the radio.

The members of the Folger Consort are excellent musicians…and getting better every season. They also invite captivating guest artists to appear with them. I am sorry Dean thought the concert he attended was a waste of time. To me, it was one of the Consort’s best programs ever—and I am just an average federal worker, not a rich politico. Calling it “artsy crap” is simply assuming-a-pose crap.


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