I used to watch Around Town for the movie reviews (“Around Town With Mr. Know-It-All,” 11/15). I patiently endured the theater-art-opera blather. One day, however, Robert Aubry Davis stubbed his talented toe: He made a slighting remark about Star Trek while reviewing another movie….

I’ve never watched the program again.

I was dismayed to hear Davis hurt those of us further down the brow to justify his own brand of kultur. I believe Star Trek has had a greater impact on our contemporary entertainment culture than all the rarefied arts Davis and his crowd prefer (except movies)—but, then, it’s obvious they aren’t going for numbers.

Despite this, I do admire Davis for carving a niche for himself and filling it with elan. I prefer classical music and enjoy his DJ’s observations.

I’ll even forgive him for his Star Trek gaffe if he’ll just review the latest Star Trek:The Next Generation movie….He doesn’t have to like it.

Woodley Park

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