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Your relentless castigation of Mrs. H.H. Leonards and the operations of her magnificent O Street mansion sounds like an acute case of myopia and mean-spiritedness (Loose Lips, 11/15).

To categorize the attendees at the Nov. 7 council proceedings as Washington’s “glitterati” is absurd. The majority of those present and proudly sporting “Save the Mansion” badges were the same rank-and-file Dupont Circle neighbors and friends of H.H. Leonards that you claim she is waging a “bitter war against.” They were there primarily to say thanks to a lady who has done more for historic preservation, helping the homeless, tenants’ rights, and quality-of-life issues—in Dupont Circle and citywide—than all of her detractors put together.

Mrs. Leonards has also run one of the most tasteful, attractive, problem-free, and neighborhood-enhancing operations I have personally been acquainted with. I have never heard a complaint lodged against her; I have consistently heard very high praise.

The council did the right thing on Nov. 7. I urge them to stand firm and reaffirm that support on Dec. 3.

President, Bay State Tenants’ Association Inc.

Dupont Circle