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I am taking Alan Green (“Care Bare,” 11/15) up on his unsubtle challenge to “care enough to write a letter” about his destructive article on apathy in America. At first, I found myself chuckling at his observations, nodding in agreement at his articulations of the pathetic lack of care in this society. However, while I personally don’t care whether anyone watches pro football any longer, when I got to Green’s observations about voter discontent and lack of moral consciousness, I noticed one glaring omission in his cynical list: No one cares enough to read newspapers anymore. And for a good reason.

Green’s article is only one example of the irresponsible journalism that, among other cultural atrocities such as greatly decreasing newspaper readership, spawned a fabled Generation X and helped keep 50 percent of the voters from voting in the presidential elections. It is not just that this article lacks a point; it also is responsible for making generalizations that affirm—or possibly even breed—apathy among Americans. However humorous the tongue-and-cheek observations may be, they are part of a problem that goes far beyond this article. And Green doesn’t even attempt to explore causes or propose solutions. Not to mention his gratuitous, degrading generalization about women who “get in your face so often that they seem to be auditioning for the part of spare nose.”

I recommend that Green do a follow-up article investigating the causes and possible solutions to the apathy he observes. And if he “could care less,” as I imagine is the case, then print media could do worse than lose him to the bread aisle at Fresh Fields.

Dupont Circle