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1928″Survey of the Public School System of the “[I]llumination of a classroom…consists ofDistrict schools still fighting the $350,000 “District of Columbia” by the Bureau of Efficiency “natural and artifical illumination.”forces of darkness.

1949″The Report of a Survey of the Public Schools “[School] floors, walls, and furniture becomeDistrict schools are a $1.4 million “of the District of Columbia” by George D. Strayer”stained and marked with wads of chewing gum.”sticky mess.

1968″Toward Creating a Model Urban School “D.C. schools stinkSee control board report$850,000 “System” by A. Harry Passow

1970″A Possible Reality” by the Metropolitan “Washington, D.C….is a city which has permitted Majority culture continues$120,000 “Applied Research Center Inc.”its public schools to become predominantly black.”sending its kids to school.

1982″A Curriculum Audit of the District of Columbia “DCPS has commissioned several reports, Bolstered tradition of $310,000 “Public Schools” by the National Curriculum “evaluations, and planning documents…”commissioning reports and “Audit Centerignoring their findings

1989″Toward a Values-Centered Survey “Values are learned from the group in which No values, no value$143,000 “Community” by DCPS”the individual is socialized.”

1989″Preferences in Attendance Policy: A “Senior-high principals favor paying students to Learn-to-earn concept$66,000 “of Principals” by DCPS”show up for school.

1989″Operational Review of DCPS” by KPMG “Functionaries in every DCPS office must be DCPS annual budget: $500,000 “Peat Marwick”fired immediately. $575 million

1991″Building Conditions, Parental Involvement “[A]n improvement in the condition of a school Deterioration in the condition of Free “and Student Achievement in the D.C. Public”building…is associated with an improvement a school building is associated (master’s thesis) “School System” by Maureen Edwards”in students’ average academic achievement with a drop in students’”scores.”academic achievement scores.

1996″Report of the D.C. Task Force for School “The problem is much too serious for Report writers realize$110,000 “Safety, Security, and the Prevention of Violence””pie-in-the-sky solutions.”they make no difference.

Total:$3.8 million**

** Estimates are based on the $1,428 per-page cost of the KPMG Peat Marwick study “Operational Review of DCPS.”

** Enough to manage the DCPS superintendent’s office for about eight months.