The article about Robert Aubry Davis by Eddie Dean (“Around Town With Mr. Know-It-All,” 11/15) is a good example of penis envy.

And I’m not using that term in its conventional sense. What I mean to say is that here’s this little prick, Eddie Dean, displaying a massive case of envy of Davis’ erudition, accomplishments, communication skills, and deep understanding of the arts.

Throughout history there have been barbarians at the gates, but rarely do they get to tout their preference for vulgarity, brutal carnage, and ghoulish garbage in the pages of the capital city’s premier weekly newspaper.

A man whose last visit to a museum was only to use the bathroom thereof has no business passing judgment on his cultural and intellectual betters.

How, dear Editor, do you propose to remove the ugly taste of low-minded trash left in your reader’s mouths by Dean’s know-nothing rant?

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